Globalization trends along with high technology have created a strong demand for a fast paced but efficient handling of goods across nations.

The evolving market is critical of time, space and cost and the establishment of FiveStar Cargo Services Inc. aims to provide the solutions to various cargo handling requirements.

Built on people-oriented, service-oriented foundation, FiveStar Cargo Services Inc. deliver customized services for international freight forwarding and affiliated cargo handling requirements.

Our company has an extensive network in Europe with the presence of our own offices across Germany -- in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Bremen, Stuttgart, Tuttlingen and Munich. We also have our office in Antwerp (Belgium) and Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

Aside from our offices, we have established good working relationship with our agents around the globe to partner with in delivering our services.

Our management and staff are well-equipt with the know-how and high level of professionalism that will guarantee the customer’s expectation of a handling worthy of their cargo.

We look into the future of transport and logistics management with continuous efforts to better the whole organization of human and technology resources and sustain the relevant achievements gained in the industry.